Wednesday, 21 March 2018


WALA:  Figurative Language
SC: Write a definition that makes sense to me.

Today this afternoon we had writing.  I wasn't here for writing because we had to go to each classroom to promote about zumba.  " So we are going to start zumba tomorrow and it will be in the hall.  It is every thursday at lunch time and Edith, Grace and I will be hosting this activity" explained lydia to the classroom.  After that we continue to go to each class and explain about this activity.  It was really tiring because when we were going to each classe I always have to hold it( because I didn't want to talk because I knew I wouldn't make sense) and my hands just got tired.  And also because we had to go upstairs, down stairs and standing up for a long time.  We finally finished our last classroom.  Yes!! We are going up to class.  Phew! Finally we finished.  Then I realised I was still holding the posters.  EEEEEEEeeeeeeeee hhh I forgot about the posters!  So we went to the office( because the sala tape in class room somehow disappeared) and asked sharon for a salatape( yes we did use our manners if you asked). We already know where to put the posters.  We went to out of the hall, next to rm 4, up the stairs and on the widows that was near rm7.  We finally finished and returned the salatape to sharon.

We went up to class.  I was really nervous to go up to class because the class was so silence  you could hear a pin drop.  We went inside and I realised that all of them were writing in there books.  Then I looked at the time, it was around 12:28.  Oh, boy we have missed a lot of stuff!( which I wished to stay).  Ms komor was still explaining about figurative language.  I saw in the whiteboard that for today we are learning 2 language features.  It was Hyperbole and Alliteration.  Well first of all I have heard these 2  language features before.  Secondly I have no idea what they mean!  I went up to ms komor to ask for a piece of paper.  When I got up to her, I was really nervous.  I had no idea why I was really nervous but I think it's  because how I was standing in front of the class( which was a lot of students).  For some reason I was giggling hard out when I was asking for the  paper with the examples of the hyperbole and the Alliteration.  Oh no! I felt so embarrassed!  I tried again and I got both of the  papers.  I went back to my table and continued with my work.  I was such in a rush I didn't had enough time to read the piece of paper and make my own definition of what I think( which we have to do every time) Alliteration means and what hyperbole means to me.

I started to think about.  I read the examples that as given.
Alice's aunt ate apples and acorns around August
Becky's beagle barked and bayed , becoming bothersome for billy.
So I kept on reading of the examples.  I still didn't get it so I asked hamish for help.  I asked him what  was the classrooms definition of alliteration? He replied back and said Repeating the first letter( I think that was).  So I wrote it in my book so that I will remember what it means.  Then I still have my hyperbole left.  I read the examples like I did with the alliteration.
I am so hungry I could eat a horse
I had a ton of chores to do.
I finished reading all of the examples .
I still didn't get it  so I asked leilani for some help.  She told me that the classroom came up with that hyperbole means that you over exaggerating things.  I wrote it down in my book then I started to write this reflection.  What I found challenging was that I wasn't here and I didn't quite get it.  But I asked my classmates and that solved my problem.  I really enjoyed going to each classes to present about zumba( nope I wasn't happy at all).

Thank you Leilani and Hamish for helping me.

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Self Defense!!

WALT:  Show what we learned during self defense lessons.
Today this morning we had to create a poster about our self defense lesson.  Last week was our last self defense lesson.  It was really sad because I miss doing it and I miss julie as well.  It has been a great time with the girls doing self defense.  At first I was really scared because I wasn't that confident doing it.  But then when we got to do some more physical moves I became serious and I was now confident enough to do it.  I have really learned a lot from this.  What I found challenging in this lesson would have to be the physical movements.  When I kick I always lose balance.  But then when Julie explains to us bend your knees a little bit so that you are balanced.  I kept on practising and I totally got my balanced and I was able to kick( without falling!).  I started to build progress into my movements and now I know how to kick, punch, elbow and knee.  I have really enjoyed this lesson with all the girls.  I will like to say thank you to julie for coming every wednesday for teaching us self defense!!!

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Maths Reflection!!

WALT: Find and apply rules to sequential patterns
On yesterday we had maths.  Our topic is to find and apply rules to sequential patterns.  We had to fill these sheets out that relates to the topic.  I have really enjoyed this lesson.  What I found challenging in this lesson was some of the questions.  I wasn't sure how to solve it because the questions was really hard so I asked lydia if she could me.  I would like to say thank you to lydia for helping me and always there for me!!

Here is a reflection of what we did for maths.
If you can't see you just click on the " Task Link"

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Kiwisport/Cricket! Part 4

WALT: Reflect on my kiwisport and cricket.

What problems did you encounter while you were at Kiwisport? How did you solve them?
I was struggling when we were playing cricket because most of the times when I was trying to hit the ball I always miss it.  I also need to work on controlling the ball and keep it inside of the square.  I solved this by taking tomas advice by aiming and keep on eye on the ball.  Next time I could hit the ball softly so the other person doesn't have to run to it and also more time playing.

How do you feel about Kiwisport this week? Why? (Give at least 2 reasons)
I felt excited because I just like hitting the ball and I versing other people so then I can tell what they need to work on and what they are really good at.  I was also a bit tired because I had less sleep because I had to babysit my little sister while my mum went to work.  You have no idea how long can they stay up!

What parts of it did you like? Why? (Give at least 2 reasons)
My favourite part of kiwisport was when we learnd about " double".  I was really excited to play this because I got to play with different people which I haven't played with and I builded positive relationships with others.  I also like how we get to play more and less lessons.  I now know what a double is and know how to play the game.

What parts of it did you dislike? Why?  (Give at least 2 reasons)
I didn't like when we were doing cricket because most of us had more turns then us and most of us was mucking around in kiwisport which we had less time playing tennis.

What did this weeks lesson  tell you about yourself and how you learn?
I have starting to make progress in my tennis because now I know how to serve and and I can  control the speed of my htting.  I also gone a bit better when I am hitting but I still need working on it.

What would you like to spend more time on during Kiwisport?
I would like to spend more time learning a bit more how to serve and having more time to practicing hitting the ball over the net and that you have to be serious about it because they peter have come here to teach us and if we are just mucking around well that is just a waste of time for peter to come. 

What's the one thing that you have seen in your classmates' during Kiwisport  that you would like to try  next time?
I would like to have more control when I am hitting because when I saw fe'ao hitting it he had great speed and he was able to get more points for his team.  So that's one thing I would like to improve.

Here are some photos from our kiwisport!

Friday, 16 March 2018

Technology Lesson 4!

On thursday on the 15th of march we had our 4 lesson of technology.  I was in mrs ferguson's class.  I was really excited that we got to  have graphics again because guess what?  We were going to start on creating our phone stand!  Yes!!!!!!! I was so happy.  Here is my reflection about technology.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 15 March 2018


IALT:  Find out what is a timeline.

What are timelines?
A timeline is something that explains about a topic( transport or video games).   It includes the main points of how this event happen.  All timeline is in order.  Wouldn't you think that it will be just weird if a timeline is not in order?

How do we read them?
Well I think that when you are reading a timeline you look at the year and the small summarize was given.  When I look at a timeline I always look at the year so I know when this event happened and also read the small information so I know what happened in that year.

Why are they important?
I think that a timeline is important because it helps you tell what happen in the pass and in the present.  It is important that we must know about the past because it can help you figure out what happen before you were born and they are amazing facts about the past and you never knew that you might be interested in making your own timeline!

What can we used them for?
We can use a timeline to tell the difference of the things that happened in the psat and the present.  They are used to explain how objects are changed from the past and how we can improve of what we can do in the present.

This week for our reading we have been focusing about the history of NZ.  We first talked about what we know about NZ.  You can see what I know about NZ in my blogpost.  Then we talked about what is a timeline.  We had to talk about what makes a timeline.  We had to create something that has to include what is a timeline? What do you think why we have a timeline?  
Here is what I create to share my learning!

Here are examples of a timeline:

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

What I know about NZ!

Today I have just finished one of my tasks about NZ.  This week we have been talking about what makes NZ( our country) a great place to live in.  Our walt is :  IALT: Make connections with the history of our country- NZ.  Today for reading we have been talking about the history of NZ.  There are so much things that are still there that we have no idea about our country.  Here is a google drawing that I have created what I know about NZ.

Hope you enjoy!
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